Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloomin' Marvelous

Today's card is another one from this week's Technique Class.  We used the brayer to put color on the Argyle Embossing Folder.  You bray the Pretty in Pink on the concave side of the folder (the smaller side) The put your cardstock in the folder, close the folder and run it through the Big Shot.  WaLa!  It is just like magic!  The background has color, but the raised areaa remains white!!!  Such a simple thingn to be so impressive!  The flowers are from the Free SAB selection, Bloomin Marvelous!  the pearls was al it took to complete this card.  The Argyle reminds me of the lattice that mom's Clematis flowers used to grow on.  My mom would have enjoyed this card!  After Mom died, I was going through her things, and in the big Bible that she always kept in a cabinet in the living room, was every card that we had ever given her.  Even the ones, or maybe especially the ones, that my kids had made for her were all there!  This one is for you Mom!

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  1. Beautiful! Would love to have instructions. Diane Parog